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RPN Havoc has become the world’s most used prohormone on the U.S. market. For those of you who are unaware, prohormones are synthetically produced supplements that ultimately convert to anabolic hormones. The supplementation of prohormones will dramatically increase muscle size, endurance, and recovery. Thus getting you bigger, faster.

RPN Havoc has just recently been sold in the United States. Prior, this product was banned due to its ability to enhance performance. One of the reasons it was banned was the side effects and their similarity to steroid use. However, when taken properly and effectively, these side effects are greatly reduced.


Prohormones work in a very simple way, including RPN Havoc. Firstly, when you first take a prohormone supplement it is broken down within the liver and transmitted to an anabolic hormone by specific enzyme in your body. It is still yet unclear as to what percentage of the prohormone is actually converted, but scientists have been able to determine a proper dosage amount to consume.

Most people think that prohormones, like RPN Havoc, are illegal in the United States. This is FALSE. Prohormones are legal. They are not tested for in drug tests for jobs. The flipside is that some sport organizations do ban this type of supplement.

It is important to note that you do not want to take a prohormone if you are under the age of 21. Why? Well because if you take any type of prohormone or steriod, your body’s growth can be stopped. Thus, you will remain a midget. (Not really, but it will affect your growth.) So it is important that you do not take a supplement like this at a young age. If you are 18, please just wait a few years.

It is very safe to take whatever other supplements you use while taking a prohormone. It is also recommended you consumer protein in a food or supplement form too. Most recommendations call for at least 1 gram of protein for every pound of weight that you are. Most people looking to gain muscle already consume this much protein anyways.

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Time and time again body builders around the world have been fascinated at the results they have receive from RPB Havoc. The powerful epistane ingredient in RPN allows your body to build the lean muscle you want. If you are looking for an unprecedented amount of success, then you are in the right place.

Please be aware that there are several “rip-offs” of RPN Havoc being sold around the internet. Make sure you always buy your product through a reputable source. If the price is VERY low then it is probably too good to be true. There has been several known “rip-offs” going around Europe.


Finally! A product that works!

Thank you for a prohormone that works!

I was searching for that extra boost in my quest for a lean six pack when I came across an article about prohormones. I was very intrigued with what the article was saying and how beneficial a prohormone can be. One of the biggest things that attracted me to it was that it was basically a legal form of steroids. 4 weeks in I started to see results and I was able to rep so much more.
Jerome A.
- Bodybuilder

Below are a few products we suggest taking with and after a cycle of RPN Havoc. These will aid in the prevention of negative side effects.

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